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General Trading S.p.A.

In the Italian and international panorama General Trading S.p.A. is a leader in the field of marketing and machining of ferrous and nonferrous rolled sections.
The know-how acquired over 20 years is the result of many years of study and experience in the optimisation of recycling processes.


General Trading S.p.A. is specialised in the following sectors:
1 designing and realisation of complete units for packing and machinery in general;
2 production, transformation, reprocessing, marketing of plastic materials in general;
3 machining and marketing of ferrous and nonferrous rolled section;
4 industrial and non-industrial waste management;
5 management of controlled dumping grounds;
6 import-export in general.


Right from its foundationGeneral Trading S.p.A. was known on the market for its professional reliability, the quality of the services it offered and the continual research carried out to find innovative solutions so as to improve its work.


By developing expertise, significant professional qualifications and a high service level over the years, we can now concentrate our efforts on satisfying the needs of our customers, presenting suitable solutions at competitive prices.


General Trading S.p.A.
Sede: Via M.Vitalini, 1/9 – 25032 Chiari (BS) – Tel +39.0307100608 – +39.0307100743
Capitale Sociale i.v. € 4.500.000,00 Iscrizione reg. Impr. C.F. e P.IVA: 03359580176 – n° R.E.A.: 364580
Unità locale: Via Cavour, 206/A - 25045 Castegnato (BS) - Tel. +39.0306810122 - Fax +39.030610356
Unità locale: Via Trento, 38 - 25050 Paderno Franciacorta (BS) - Tel. +39.0306857268
Unità Locale: Via M.Vitalini, 13 – 25032 Chiari (BS) – Tel +39.0307100608 – +39.0307100743
e-mail : info@generaltrading.it