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The long experience in designing machines for industrial use and complete production equipment and lines, enables General Trading S.p.A. to present itself as an enterprise capable of developing and fulfilling orders with professional reliability from the initial to final project stages, complete with executive drawings, specifications, lay-out and instruction manual.

General Trading S.p.A. is able to design machines for industrial use, autonomously and in synergy with the experience acquired from the customer, in compliance with the main safety standards. General Trading S.p.A. is fully equipped for overhauling and revamping any type of plant.


The drawing up of the overall layouts of the projects, as well as the execution of the items to be built are carried out meticulously, taking into account the correct choice of used materials, heat treatments and machining. All in keeping with the specific application, production costs and not least, the problems regarding work safety.


The experience gained in different fields - packing, packaging, automation, warehousing, has characterized the company efficacy with its outstanding reliability, capacity and adequate technical instruments, as well as the competence to face the most difficult of company problems, facilitating technological development and progress.


General Trading S.p.A. also offers a technical advice service on industrial problems, offering its assistance in resolving problems concerning construction, organization, logistics and communication, applying its experience and technology through operational synergies.

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