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General Trading S.p.A., in consideration of the possible interference with the surrounding environment and the advantages deriving from the definition and implementation of an Environmental Management System in compliance with the European Standard ISO EN UNI 14001, commits itself to:

ENSURE the respect and full application of the local, national and European environmental laws and regulations;

DEVELOP an environmental management system which integrates with the company organization structure and which is a concrete and valid support in the design, running and maintenance of the plants present on the platform;

PURSUE the continuous improvement of the environmental tasks through specific interventions in the production process and the application of the best technology available at sustainable costs;

REDUCE as much as it is technologically possible the polluting emissions (related to air, water, noise and smell emissions), consumption of energy and raw materials;

GUARANTEE an efficient management of all the phases regarding waste contribution, in order to ensure that every flow of waste into the platform receives the correct treatment;

DEVELOP environmental awareness in the personnel, through suitable training programmes concerning the protection of the environment, health and safety in the workplace, environmental regulations and the internal production procedures adopted;

ENSURE efficient restoring of the premises in the case of definite closing down of the activity. General Trading S.p.A. commits itself to ensure that this new Environment Policy is documented, implemented, forwarded to all the personnel and is made available to all those requiring to see it.

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