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General Trading S.p.A. has been operating in the marketing and machining of metals for several years and has reached a high performance level in meeting the requests of its customers promptly, with corresponding continual increase in the number of products treated.

The metals General Trading S.p.A. can supply from stock at any time are the following:

Aluminium Copper Zinc Brass
ZamaK Ferroalloys NicKel Stainless steel

These materials are supplied to customers as either raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, in all the alloys and shapes present on the market.

Furthermore General Trading S.p.A.also offers a collection service on all types of waste from machining.

General Trading S.p.A.
Sede: Via M.Vitalini, 1/9 – 25032 Chiari (BS) – Tel +39.0307100608 – +39.0307100743
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Unità locale: Via Trento, 38 - 25050 Paderno Franciacorta (BS) - Tel. +39.0306857268
Unità Locale: Via M.Vitalini, 13 – 25032 Chiari (BS) – Tel +39.0307100608 – +39.0307100743
e-mail : info@generaltrading.it